Referral-Only Launch

Welcome to! Or, as Jeff and I have been describing it, MPL. Jeff is also known as MarMax. I'm David, also known as webonz. We're super hyped to meet all of you and grow the gaming community with more local multiplayer meetups!

For right now, MPL is referral-only, meaning that people can only register when invited by someone already registered on the site. To invite someone, go to your personal account page, and use the referral link available on there. If you don't have a referral link already, click the button to automatically generate your referral link. If you have any issues with your referral link, or any issues with the site for that matter, let us know on the forums, or email support.

On your public bio page for your account, there is a number that shows how many people you've referred to the site. We are getting four prizes made right now for the first people to reach certain referral quantity milestones. These prizes are quite valuable and I know everyone on here so far would really dig them. Once they're ready we'll show them and present the milestones.

The first awarding of badges are also imminent. The first badges will be for referrals and for the highest score for each Game of the Month. The first Game of the Month, Flappy Yee, is up already. Check it out in the upper-right corner of the screen when logged in.

As for the "roadmap" of upcoming features, I have some listed here below, but we want you to be involved with this. This community is just as much yours as it is ours. Please let us know what you want to see by discussing in the forums and elsewhere with us!

Upcoming features:
-host meetups/tournaments from your user page
-management of your own groups with other users
-live geographic map display zooming in & sorting for user search
-direct integration of Simple Metagame for community-driven competitive gaming
-group live chat

Jeff is getting some hype MPL videos out there too:

Always remember, the main purpose of this site is to meet other gamers and build community! This is our standard way to do this:

1. Search on the home page for whatever game/system/genre you're thinking of, and/or the zip code of your area.
2. Click on a username that shows up to go to their profile page.
3. Comment on their page about what game you're interested in playing, follow them using their social media links, and start organizing a meetup with them!